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Top Fascinating Tactics to Boost Your Brand on Valentine’s Day

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Boost Your Brand on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – the official day of showing love and affection for your loved one, is not only special for the couples in love, but also for the businesses. It is one of the most important days in the year that acts as a great platform for business.

Think of the Valentine’s Day. What are the things that come to your mind? They must be flowers, chocolates, gifts, dates, fancy dinners, and short trips for the Valentine’s week, jewellery, clothes and so many more. Don’t they sound like a business opportunity?

That is the reason; why the business companies strive hard for days beforehand. This will help you not to miss out any opportunity to boost your brand on Valentine’s Day. However, since there is a huge competition that takes place during this time, when all the business companies, big or small, try their best to grab attention of the potential customers, special business marketing tactics or campaigns must be taken into consideration. This would boost your brand to fetch more business on the coming Valentine’s Day.

Here are the most useful and easy to follow tactics and Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that you can try.

1. Proposing to you

Valentine’s Day is the time, when the lovers propose to each other and show their love for each other. Why not try this for your brand? Personifying your brand will help the potential customers to relate to you and this will help your brand to boost its marketing campaigns.

One of the most popular dating sites is Ok Cupid and simply opening a profile there to welcome proposal messages from tentative customers will bring you a lot of attention. You can come up with a free gift offer that will make the customers more interested.

2. Singles beware

Why should you miss any chance to draw attention from the single customers? There are as many singles out there as the couples. So, to make sure that this Valentine’s Day, you do not miss any opportunity to draw attention of the singles as well, you can start a campaign in which the singles are given an opportunity to spend a special Valentine’s Day with your brand.

It can be passes for attending a party or a special dinner with your family or friends or a special date that your brand will sponsor for the winner of your campaign. You never know, in the hope and interest of getting a life time partner for the winner, singles might join your campaign of Valentine promotion. You can check out Valentine’s day special recipes and tips here.

3. Use the LGBT campaign

For the last two years, since the popularity of the LGBT law, more and more businesses are using the LGBT campaign as their business boosting tactics. Why should only the traditional girl-boy couples enjoy and express their love in front of the whole world?

You can start an Instagram campaign in which you can ask the LGBT couples to post their photographs. You will be amazed to see how many people become your loyal customers for the rest of your life, leaving the Valentine’s Day. Getting accepted to the world and getting a platform that welcomes their love and affection for their loved one, is a great opportunity for them and great chance for you to promote your brand. You can check out 7 steps to start an instagram marketing campaign from nothing here.

4. Run a competition

Competitions are a great way to promote your brand during Valentine’s Day 2017. Projecting and showcasing the love between a couple is something that every couple wants. Who doesn’t want to be the “Most Romantic Couple”?

You can run a competition to win the title. For every single purchase that the customers make, you can give them the chance to enter the competition. You can ask them to share their love story, pictures, how they plan to propose their loved one this Valentine’s Day with a product from your brand and so many other ways.

Your team can come up with the most interesting story and give away the title of the “Most Romantic Couple”.

5. Collaborate with a restaurant

The Valentine’s Day is one of those times of the year, when almost every romantic couple plans to have a…
The Valentine’s Day is one of those times of the year, when almost every romantic couple plans to have a special dinner date with the loved one. In that case, the restaurants can always come up with new valentine day restaurant ideas. For that they can plan ahead of time and for about a month or two before the actual day, run a campaign on the customers, who visit the restaurant.

A lottery, a special discount voucher or a sponsored dinner, there are many options that can promote your restaurant brand. What you can also do is collaborate with another brand and on a mutual concern, come up with a special offer or prize for the customers.

6. Feature a love story video on YouTube

A famous airline used this fascinating tactic for their Valentine’s Day advertising and they received thousands of views within a very short span of time. They made a video of two couples, who were first given the chance to holiday in a beautiful destination, when suddenly the host appears with a proposal ring. The male companion had to propose to the woman then and there and the romantic, cosy and personal moment was beautifully captured by the brand.

With the couples’ stories were beautifully shared through YouTube, with the brand being promoted as they mode of communication, bringing two people closer through an airlines trip.

7. Special deals and offers

One of the most tried and tested ad never-failing marketing tactic that has been used by many small to medium to large scale businesses, is to come up with special Valentine’s Day deals and offers. From special prices, discounts, rebates, cash backs and free gifts, there are many special deals and offers that you can announce to promote your business on the Valentine’s Day.

8. Special products

Valentine’s Day is one of the best times to introduce your new products. Special introductory prices and special Valentine’s Day limited editions can be an amazing marketing tactic that will certainly boost your brand on Valentine’s Day.

9. Give your website a makeover

Anything new attracts the attention. If you want to make sure that your loyal customers are urged and interested in making a purchase from your ecommerce site, it is a great idea to give your website a makeover. Adding Valentine’s Day special graphics, images and special deals, transforming the colour and mood of the website has a serious and lasting impact on the website visitors.

This is often not taken seriously, but if you take your website seriously, chances are that your visitors and potential customers, who didn’t even consider the thought of making a purchase for this special day, might think again. When there is love in the air and everyone else is talking about it in your website, you never know when you change the mind of your visitor and compel him to make a purchase.


So, with so many different tactics and Valentine’s Day promotions, which are proven to be effectively promoting many brands for the last few years, it is own time for you to choose the one for you. You can always come up with new ideas or hire the expert professionals and online marketers, who are brimming with ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

All that you need to understand is that the key to success is making the day special for your customers. The tactics that you choose to boost your brand on Valentine’s Day must not only focus on your personal gain. It should be meant for engaging your customers. If they find it interesting, they will come to you. Hence, be bold and be innovative. There is nothing that can beat an innovative idea for online or offline business promotion for the Valentine’s Day.

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