Dec 14 2016

Christmas Branding: Top Tips to Infuse Your Brand with Seasonal Spirit

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christmas branding tips

It is considered that the most important time of the year comes in the last. With December comes the celebration of the year – Christmas. The Christmas season is deemed as the most important time for the business and marketing world. Every brand launches its own Christmas advertising campaigns for making as much profit as possible. This time period is very important in terms of popularising the brand name and selling major proportions of the catalog items. By employing some creative means, you can infuse your brand with Christmas and enjoy the festive season with a larger customer base. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that can be used for your Christmas marketing campaign ideas. 

The Christmas season is deemed as the most important time for the business and marketing world.

Incorporate Christmas into your brand

You cannot just sell your products with a Christmas tag. You need to connect the utility and value of your product with the holiday season. Try to convince the public of the worth of your brand in connection to Christmas. You should present your products in a refined manner which displays the festive spirit of Christmas. This way, you will be able to attract the audience through the celebratory qualities that your brand possesses. It is recommended to create offers and products that convey the Christmas feels to the people.

Introduce Christmas Packaging

With the holiday season comes a whole new set of products packaging. This impressive trick has been used by brand names like Starbucks in the recent times. Many wine sellers and shop owners launch their special Christmas packaging during the festival time. People do not want to see dullness during this time. Your brand should exhibit its own festivity in the products you sell. A fresh design can engross fresh customers. You should create different sets of unique wrapping designs for your products. It is helpful in catching the attention of the general public while your Christmas advertising campaigns progress.

Christmas Print Ads

While social media Christmas campaigns are a helpful means of advertising for the holiday season, the print media is no less. Beautiful Christmas print ads are very helpful in instilling a spirit of celebration among the people with more attention paid to your brands. Roads are decorated with lights, snow, and paper ads that present your Christmas advertising campaign in the best possible way. You have to make sure that the ads make use of winter colors which are able to convey the feelings of luxury and merriment to the people. You can add Christmas advertising slogans for making a better impact on the buyers. Make sure that you send and place these print ads to every possible location.

Christmas print ads are very helpful in instilling a spirit of celebration among the people with more…

Create striking Christmas discounts

Discounts are the best possible thing about Christmas and there is no need for surveys to prove it. You can kick off your Christmas advertising campaigns with superb discounts that automatically magnetise people towards your brand stores. The practice of gifting is very common during Christmas. Beneficial discounts influence people towards buying their gift list items from your brand. You have to make sure that your discounts are relatively distinctive from the competitor brands which will increase your influence. Publicise these discounts through Christmas advertising slogans and enjoy the immense love and purchases from your customers.  You can check out Do Christmas advertising campaigns start too early in the year here.

Construct last – minute shopping perks

There are many working people who start with their Christmas shopping at the last moment. Since this category of people exists in large numbers, make sure that you target them as well. You can create a special corner in your website for the last – minute shoppers making it easy and convenient for them to choose their perfect gifts and celebration items without worries. You can start advertising extensively about this last – minute shoppers’ column a few days before Christmas. Use social media and direct communication means to spread the word about the extended discounts and opening hours for your stores.

Offer Christmas gift specials

Christmas is all about celebrating and bonding with your loved ones. Gifting something special to all your acquaintances has been a long – living tradition for the festival. You can make benefit out of this by offering Christmas specials in gifting. Infuse your brand with Christmas by introducing special offers for gifting your brand items. It is a useful trick for earning better customer support during the festival. People search for gifting options in Christmas print ads as well as on the websites. You can make hefty profits by creating pretty and innovative single gifts or hamper specials for Christmas. You can check out last minute christmas gift ideas in dubai for the entire family here.


Giveaways are considered as one of the most successful strategies to increase brand popularity. Who is not interested in earning free? Since people are very enthusiastic about contest participation, Giveaways can be a perfect means of highlighting your brand. Mention certain publicity requirements for getting eligible for winning the Giveaway. Then choose some winners and ask them to publicise the brand in their network. This will automatically increase your customer reach. In addition, you can choose to send them personalised emails regarding offers and your newsletters. This method can be an integral part of your social media Christmas campaigns. Here are some Top 10 tips for an effective advertising campaign.

Emotional Branding

The real deal lies in treating your customers more like people and less like a means of earning profit. The technique of instilling your brand identity into people’s heart is very important. It is the way you emotionally influence your customers so that their social media channels, businesses are able to interact with their customers in the best possible way. Social media Christmas campaigns have become quite common these days because of their influence to fetch large majority of customers. There are many techniques that can be employed on the social media to gain maximum profit during the festive season. You can start advertising through your own hash tags. Conducting online Christmas polls and regularly posting pictures about your latest products and discounts are some interesting Christmas marketing campaign ideas.You can check out an emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction here.

Create the Christmas-y ambiance

Nothing is more attractive than a store all dolled up for the Christmas celebrations. Studies have shown that decorated stores are capable of attracting many shoppers during the Christmas sales. It is one of the easiest ways of Christmas branding. You can either hire a professional decorator or adorn your store yourself for the holiday shopping spree. Infuse your brand with Christmas by creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere at your showroom. You can also give a completely new look to your website for the Christmas extravaganza.

Infuse your brand with Christmas by creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere at your showroom.

Christmas is one of those times of the year when people spend the most. To make the most out of these spending, you can utilise these tips for your Christmas branding. Create amazing discounts, irresistible Christmas gifting options, and a completely new atmosphere for your store to celebrate the holiday season with your customers. Infuse your brand with Christmas and enjoy the love from people.

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