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How to Master Emotional Branding?

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Emotional Branding

In today’s fastest growing world, it has become mandatory for companies or service providers to promote their products or services. If a company is recalled as a good quality product or service provider, then certainly the company will be able to proliferate their business. Branding is a unique and great way by which a company can promote this recognition to the market especially to its customers. Because these days’ people hardly have any time for searching and that’s why they tend to adhere to familiarity. If consumers recognize a brand which they have earlier used and they are quite satisfied with it, then undoubtedly, they will handpick that product or service again. In this way, they always remain loyal to that particular brand or service and never divert their interest. Branding also creates the uniqueness of our products amongst the customers. You can check out why strong branding is crucial for start-ups ? here.

So, indubitably a company’s brand can be key to its success and hence branding is a very indispensable step for a company like any other prime steps.

A strong brand always conveys a uniform quality, integrity, experience and always enhances the relation…

Nowadays, a branding is basically a combination of psychology and science which are blended together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark. A strong brand always conveys a uniform quality, integrity, experience and always enhances the relation between the company and its consumers. These days’ brands are not optional, rather they have become one of the prime tools for marketing. That’s why branding has become so valuable and worthy for the companies if they want to enhance their growth. Here some 7 Top branding strategies that you have been doing wrong .

How to get started with branding?

1. We need to consider about our business’s strengths and brand values. If required, we can jot down our brand values such as a healthy customer service, a friendly person to deal with, good client communication, clean and advanced modern graphic design and value for money.

2. We also need to ensure our customers that we always deliver our brand values and then we can match them with our customers’ desire.

3. For doing this, we need to consult with our existing customer and should ask them what they like about our products or services. We also need to ask potential customers about their likings and requirements and particularly, what they would look for while making their final decision to buy. By analysing all these points, we can start to build our brand.

4. We need to make a complete analysis regarding what makes our customers buy or showing their inclination towards our products or services.

5. We also need to analyse whether we are offering proper benefits to our existing customers or not.

6. Need to keep our focus on target customers.

 Emotional branding

Now, marketers have realised that if they want to accustom the customers with their products or services, then apart from a good logo and graphical representation, they need to connect with the emotions of the customers. And hence, these days, companies are now emphasizing on emotional branding.

Emotional branding is a particular type of branding where strategies are designed in such a way that they trigger the emotion of the customers so that they got easily convinced to buy the product or the service. Emotional branding clearly separates companies from their competitors and also helps them to create a deep and unfathomable relationship between brands and customers. Creating a good and compelling emotional branding is not at all a facile job for a company because they need to keep their customers ahead of the product or services that they are selling. Now, let’s discuss how can brands appeal to customer’s emotion?

Below, we are mentioning certain tips by which brands can easily get connected with the emotions of the consumers.

1. How does emotional branding fit our strategy?

Before going for an emotional strategy first, we need to think whether an emotional branding fits our overall strategy and market positioning or not. If we are giving our prime focus to the brand value, then we may play with the emotions of the consumers. But if we are dealing with low-priced products, before implementing this strategy we need to think twice. Because in this strategy, our customers come first, then our products. You can check out emotional branding: 5 strategies to get and keep the right customers here .

2. Think about customers as people

We need to look the entire world from our customers’ perspective. We need to think customers as people and hence, try to share the experience with them. We don’t keep the priority on our products or services or may not try to educate the customers about our products or brands. Rather we need to analysis our customers thoroughly like what they are exactly looking for, who they are, what they like and which motivates them easily. So, by analysing all these points we need to design our emotional branding campaign so that our customers can get enough motivated by seeing those ad campaigns. Here are some top 10 tips for an effective advertising campaign .

3. Choose the emotion that we want to trigger

It is true that the success of emotional branding depends on how we trigger the right emotion for our target audience. Do we actually want to make them glad or sad or place more trust in our brand? Whatever be the objective, we need to weave the emotion into the campaign story in such a way that it gets connect easily with our audience.

4. Need to create emotionally convincing content

Our content will also play a vital role in order to win the heart of the customers. By using our customers’ insight, we should try to create such type of content which is very relevant, honest, understandable and engaging. If we use some tacky, misleading and stereotype content in our campaign, then our customers will lose their interest and now onwards, they will shift their focus on other brands.

5. Need to create consistent communication

Every communication should reflect and reinforce the message that the company or the brand is focusing its customers’ emotional needs. But we convey, different messages in different communication mediums, then it will tarnish our overall brand value. So, if we want to get noticed by our customers, then we need to create some steady, unswerving communications that can easily hit our customers.

Companies who are using emotional branding as their marketing tool


A son can’t bear his mother’s pain. Havells’s was elaborated this line beautifully with their ad campaign. A woman was making rotis in an open area and when she flipped those rotis her finger was burnt. The little boy saw this and went to a place where some construction materials were dumped. He then discovered a box of Havells’ cable and made a pair of tongs by bending that cable.  Then, we saw the mother was preparing rotis with the tong and was serving them with a smile on her face.


This was the ad that we remember forever with the name Hari Sadu. H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot. Many of us have gone through a tough phase of our life where we may face a boss like Hari Sadu. But only a few ads that hit the pain points of their target audience (young talented folks) and this was one of them. This ad clearly hit the pain point and accordingly, give the solution.


Domino’s recent ad for its cheesy and choco pizza will certainly crave many people to visit in a nearer Domino’s store and grab either a cheesy and choco pizza.


A woman is the backbone of a family. It is a woman who cares about all the members of her family but often forgot to take care of herself or her needs. But its other family members’ responsibility that they should take care of her needs and requirements. Amazon’s recent ad clearly describes this.

 Rational branding

Rational branding is completely opposite to the emotional branding. In a rational branding, a company put more emphasize on the product’s quality and the usefulness so that customers can buy those products because they are worthy enough. In a rational branding campaign, a company usually placed the product in the centre of the ad and all other activities are revolving around the product. So, in rational branding, a company give priority to its products or services. Here, instead of customers’ products come first. Usually, a company uses a combination of both these two types (emotional and rational) so that they can connect with the emotions of the consumers and simultaneously, they can educate them about the quality of the product or service.

It is true that branding campaigns are very time-consuming and a lot of things are required to plan before the actual execution. In order to make a successful ad campaign, a company or an enterprise need to consult with some illustrious advertising agencies regarding their campaigns and how to roll it out successfully. Depending on their nature of business and niche, a company can choose either an emotional or rational branding approaches or even they can go for a combination of both of two.

branding campaigns are very time-consuming and a lot of things are required to plan before the actual execution

Irrespective of the size and nature of business, every organization are vying with each other for resources, funding and talent, and customers’ attention. To win in every category, organizations need to plan and implement different branding strategies for the betterment of the company.

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