Nov 8 2016

Why strong branding is crucial for start-ups ?

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Strong Branding is Crucial for Start-Us

Start-ups have become a common term with more and more entrepreneurs coming up with their business initiative. The aim is to target the audience both online and offline. However, in this crowd of so many businesses and companies, seducing your target audience is not a matter of joke. Developing a strong bond with these customers is a must if you want to make your start-up a success from the very beginning. This is what branding does for you.

What is branding all about?

Branding is something that every single business enterprise has come across. But what does it really mean? Branding is an abstract concept that is continuous practice in which a symbol or a design and even a name are used in such a manner that the product that a business deals in is identified with. Branding makes sure that your product is differentiated from that of your rivals. When a start-up business comes into the market, it is a must that it creates a strong brand image, so that the target audience are compelled to do business with the company, regardless of considering if it is a start-up or an experienced company. Here are some 7 Top branding strategies that you have been doing wrong

Difference between branding and marketing

This is a crucial factor that many people fail to understand. There is a strong misconception regarding branding and marketing, and they are often confused to be the same. However, these too are two different concepts.

Marketing is pushing the target customers to purchase the products that you sell

Marketing is pushing the target customers to purchase the products that you sell. It can be done by various strategies, such as –

1. Engaging a celebrity in the marketing campaigns and making the potential customers believe that if their favourite celebrity likes it, they too should!

2.  Telling clients that this can solve a problem that the customers have.

3.  Coming up with special deals and offers that will increase the sales.

These are just some of the marketing strategies that the various companies follow.

But, branding is not pushing. Branding expresses the values and characteristics of a start-up business, their products or services and clarifies what the organization is and is not. It does not pronounce “Buy Me”; rather it pulls the customers towards the products and encourages them to purchase it. With this awareness, the startup branding is becoming more popular with every passing day.

Why is branding important for start-ups?

1. Improving recognition

Branding is a combination of various factors amongst which, the most significant one is the logo of the company. Every start-up business should design a logo that will represent their business, product and ethics or values that they follow. This will become their virtual identity to their customers that the customers will identify the business with.

Branding is a combination of various factors amongst which, the most significant one is the logo of the…

Practically, thousands of start-ups are coming into existence every month. It is quite unlikely that yours will deal with something new that rest of the start-ups haven’t thought about. Hence, to stand out from the crowd and to get recognised as an individual, branding is a must.  A unique logo that represents the company will become the “face” of the company. This helps the buyers to identify the business and their services. Just as the golden arches represent McDonalds and the smiling man with a beard on the chin, spectacles, bow tie and apron represent KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken; the logo should be unique. It will improve the recognition.

2. Increases trust

Branding, logo or symbol effectively builds a trust factor in the potential customers. The customers identify branding with legitimacy and a polished business ethic. And with increased trust, business will start an automatically business.

Start-ups should never miss this opportunity to build confidence in the minds of their potential customers. Since it is an altogether ambitious initiative and approach to compel and convince the customers about a new product and company in the market, branding makes it a lot easier. You can check out Why brands need to increase trust flow here.

3. Inspires the employees

Just like any other business, a start-up to has to think about the employees; in fact a little more than the existing companies. Without the employees, it is absolutely impossible for the start-up to make a firm hold in the business market. If the employees are not drawn towards your business start-up, you will have to face a lot of trouble in taking your business further.

Branding helps the employees to identify your business ethics, strategies and achieve the goals or mission…

A start-up needs to grow well, and this is possible with the help of the employees. The customers alone cannot run a business smoothly. However, if the employees do not find something to look up to, if they do not believe in your business ethics, it is less likely that they will want to work with you or for you. Branding helps the employees to identify your business ethics, strategies and achieve the goals or mission that you vision.

4.  Grow customer base

For a while, stop thinking about yourself as a business enterprise and consider yourself as a client. Think of a product you have purchased, and you have really liked it. While referring that to someone you know, would you be able to come up with the name of the company that you purchased the product from if it wasn’t a brand? People remember the names that are brands. Those, which are not, are quickly forgotten. As a consequence, your business loses a significant opportunity of manual advertising or marketing.

A start-up business must not lose a chance to get promoted with the words of mouth. Branding helps in that. As the existing customers relate to the brand, the chances of the start-up being referred to other customers increases.

5.  Branding means longevity

There was a time, when branding was solely associated with the experienced business companies that have been there in the business market for a very long time. However, the concepts are changing rapidly in the current era. The more you invest or work on your branding image, the more trust you build. The customers feel free to believe that your brand is a promise of a long-term business existence.

Without branding, it becomes hard for the customers to believe in you or how long your business will last. It is quite likely that with no promise of longevity, new customers will be the sceptic in doing business with you. You can check out The Hidden Agenda Of Branding – Something Start Ups Should Never Overlook

Tips to consider while creating a brand appearance and image

When you are thinking about branding your start-up company, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration. Some of the most valuable startup branding tips include –

1. Colour

The colour of your branding logo says a lot about you. A vibrant colour would set the mood for an energetic initiative. A calm and soft colour would promise a more sophisticated approach. Choose wisely.

 2.  Logo

Sometimes, the logos are a symbolic representation of the very name of the business company such as Apple. Sometimes, it is an abstract design such as Nike. Think what you want.

 3. Font

Whether you want to target the female audience or the male audience, will decide the font that you should use. There are bold fonts, and then there are the scripts. Think what will suit the mood.

4.  Slogan

Have a slogan or tagline that is easy to remember and easy to identify.

5.  Personal branding

This plays a huge role in your branding strategies. Wearing clothes with your brand logo, doing networking events, etc. has a great impact on the branding.

6. Social media

Marketing the company on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is a must. The more your start-up company connects with the potential customers, the more they are likely to be identified as a brand.

There are experts in the market, who have excellent knowledge regarding branding techniques suitable for the start-up businesses. If you run out of ideas and aren’t sure about what you should do, it is a good decision to hire the professionals. They will understand your business goals, mission and vision and also know the market and your target audience. This will help them to come up with a startup branding strategy that will suit your business. You can check out 7 Social Media Power Techniques that Build Your Brand and Business

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