Nov 19 2016

Top 10 tips for an effective advertising campaign

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top 10 tips for an effective advertising campaign

From the past few years, we have seen some new wave of innovations which are happening in the industrial sector and companies are trying to grab these latest innovations in order to sustain themselves from this sheer competition. What is the biggest and trendiest innovation? Certainly, it’s about advertising and its importance. Now, if you can take a look at today’s world, then you can easily see that why advertising is important and why strong branding is crucial now than at any of the time in the past 100 years.

Enterprises and business houses have realized that if they want to conquer their competitors and want to establish their ubiquitous presence, then they need to implement several advertising strategies and campaigns. So, advertising has become one of the cardinal parts of any business if they want to proliferate their growth and development. Nowadays, every business sector opts different advertising methods and strategies so that customers are getting more engaged with them and in this way, they will able to grab more traffic and more recognition. But these days’ advertising is not restricted with just a logo or graphic element, rather it has spread its wings in a broader way. So, apart from just a memorable logo, good advertising always uplifts the value and image of a company and also motivates employees to a proper direction. Moreover, an effective advertising campaign also helps to acquire new customers in an easy way.

An effective advertising campaign helps to acquire new customers in an easy way.

What is effective advertising?

An advertising is a process of applying a word or an image to recognize a company or its products by using some good graphical designs. The effective advertising always enhances the sales by making the product or service the most perceptible and noticeable so that more and more consumers are getting engaged with themselves and those products /services.

An effective advertising campaign can always make some positive impact on organizations across a variety of fronts:

  • They support price premiums over competitors
  • They help the companies to grab new customers
  • They always create threats for novice competitors, as the loyal and old customers have very less tendency to switch to new or different brands
  • They safeguard a business during economic downturns
  • They create a larger footprint which helps the companies to expand into new markets

Understanding all the above-mentioned benefits, companies are putting some strenuous efforts to make some effective ad campaigns which will enhance their market reputation.

What makes a successful advertising campaign?

A great and successful advertising campaign always tells us a good story. Successful ads have cogent, appealing, understandable, and enthralling story-lines that can easily engage the audience and pull them towards the advertised brand. Below, we are mentioning some tips for a successful and effective advertising campaign.

  • Keep messages simple: You should always try to use simple and unfussy language for your ad campaigns as you only have a few seconds to relay the message of the campaign to your audience. So, keeping it short and simple is most effective way to ensure that the whole point is conveyed successfully.
  • Establish an image: You can easily recognize McDonald’s arches at a glance at any place. Apart from McDonald’s, there are many companies that you can recognize by seeing their logo and packaging. So, images or visuals play an important role in any ad campaign. But unfortunately, many companies don’t give their effort in making a consistent image and hence, they are unable to win the heart of the prospective buyers.
Try to keep the messages simple and establish an image for a successful ad campaign.
  • Catchy tagline or slogan: An effective advertising campaign always contains some catchy slogans or taglines. If we can take the example of Wendy’s Hamburgers’ famous ad campaign in the 1980s which had a catchy slogan “Where’s the Beef?”, then we can understand how a slogan can satisfactorily increase the visibility of a product or service.
  • Highlight your products or services: In an ad campaign, you should try to accentuate the advantages of your products or services over your competitors. Unless you highlight all the benefits of your products or services, your ad will unable to deliver any value to the potential customers.
  • Make ad according to your target audience: You should design an ad campaign depending on your niche market. If you made a generic ad that does not speak the language or unable to grab the attention of your potential customers, then you simply wasted your money. While creating ads, you make sure that your ads speak on a personal level to your target customers. Cadbury Dairy milk’s ad campaign “Kuchmithahojae” is specially targeted for middle age groups.
  • Exhibit your ads in apt places: Depending on your target group, you can showcase your ad on TV, radio, internet or outdoor. So, before publishing your ad in any media, you do some research so that you can take a wise decision.
  • Be consistent to establish your branding: It won’t be a prudent decision for you if you are changing continuously your logo, tagline, colour scheme from one ad campaign to other. You should try to establish your brand identity by remaining consistent or unswerving from one ad campaign to next. Check out these 7 top branding strategies that you have been doing wrong.
  • Monitor your ad campaigns: If you are providing an ad on the internet, then try to use different analytics tools so that you will get a better idea regarding the response. If you are using other mediums, then ask customers for their feedback.
  • Try to be creative: While designing an ad, you should try some different methods or techniques which can make your ad memorable. So, always try to be innovative and creative as this is the best way by which you can make your ad remarkable in the saturated world of advertising.
  • Test your ads in advance: If you have enough money and time, then you can test your ads on some people to check their reaction and understanding capacity towards your ad. If you are not happy with their response, then you need to think in a different way to make the ad successful.
Try to be creative and test your ads in advance for a successful advertising campaign.

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, then you will definitely make your next ad campaign a successful one. You can also contact us to get the opinions of our experts.

PopcornMedia is one of the leading advertising companies in Cochin. We believe that the best promotional campaigns lead to good business. It’s nor about how much you spend on advertising or how creative the advertising is. It’s all about optimizing your ad spending and reaching the target on time.

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